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Immigration Court Interpreting: Turning Crisis Into Career Opportunity

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If you want to learn how recent developments in the US immigration system can be an opportunity for many of us to really make a difference in the current turmoil and advance our careers, keep reading!

I don’t mean to get into politics, but as many of you know, the US is experiencing a humanitarian and administrative crisis. 

We are facing record numbers in terms of human displacement worldwide, and there is an unprecedented number of people who have fled or are fleeing their home countries to travel to the US. 

This has overloaded the immigration system, creating a record backlog with millions of cases now pending and for obvious reasons, there is an increasing need for interpreters in this field. 

These proceedings, interviews, and hearings all center around individuals who, for the most part, are seeking to enter the country or have recently come to the country and are seeking some type of relief. The vast majority of them do not speak English fluently. 

The resources available across the board are not enough, and the lack of adequate interpretation and translation services only adds to this crisis. 

Almost five years ago, I officially ventured into this field, and I remember how intimidating it was. At first, I wasn’t sure I had enough experience or if my experience was relevant. 

When I tried to get my first contract, I encountered several roadblocks because, for different reasons, my application would fall through the cracks. If you want to learn more about that, you can check out this video

Then, I finally met a recruiter who helped me and opened the door for me, but I was faced with the reality that to make it all the way through and get my contract, I would have to go through a very intense and fast-paced training all on my own and pass several tests. 

I felt overwhelmed and sometimes even hopeless that I wouldn’t make it. Still, I persevered and developed a study system that has served me very well in achieving other goals. So, I am absolutely grateful for having this experience because it completely changed the course of my career. 

I  won’t lie; it’s not all rainbows and butterflies. Some of the things we have to interpret can be difficult, some hearings can be long and emotionally charged, and team interpreting is not the norm, but there are ways and tools to overcome that. 

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know one of my mottos is “Sharing is caring.” So, I have designed a special program tailored to prospective candidates who want to venture into this field.

In it, I’ll offer support, guidance, practice resources, and my best tips and tricks to ensure your success beyond the initial application process. The best part is that this is absolutely free and exclusive if you become one of my referrals. 

For full disclosure, one of the major government contractors in this field has established a referral program because there's no such thing as a free meal. So, if I refer you, I would get a referral bonus, which is what allowed me to set aside the time to create this program.

In turn, you would not only be able to take advantage of the resources that I would provide you at no cost, but you would also have peace of mind knowing that you’re application will be handled appropriately and, most importantly, that you’ll have access to and the guidance of a colleague like myself who has gone through the process and is still a practicing interpreter in the field, so you’ll have that support system I wish I would’ve had to ensure your success. 

These are the requirements:

  • Being a US citizen or legal permanent resident

  • Having at least one (1) year of experience interpreting

  • Having some experience in the legal field is preferred

This opportunity is for everyone, regardless of your language of expertise. All languages are welcome. 

And in case you’re thinking, “I don’t think I have any relevant experience,” don’t be so quick to rule yourself out. I thought the same thing back when I was in your situation and after getting some guidance in that regard, it turned out I had much more than the minimum experience required, I was just not fully aware of the many different things that actually count as experience. By the way, that’s something else I could help with for my potential referrals.

This is an independent contract opportunity. You get to pick your hours and make your own schedule, and you choose the type of cases you accept. 

The best part is that since things have changed so much since the pandemic, there are many opportunities for you to work from home, in person, or even to travel around the country if you’re willing to. 

I always love to share my experiences and offer guidance to anyone, regardless of whether or not there’s a referral program involved. Please reach out if you need to vent, ask questions, or feel a little lost. I know this career can be very lonely at times and we could all use a friend. 

I can't wait to read your questions about this amazing opportunity.

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7 commentaires

25 mars

Hello. I meet the requirements. Please send more information regarding how to sign up.


Hello, I would like to have more information on your program. I meet the requirements and I am interested in learning more about interpreting in the immigration field. Thank you for sharing your expertise.


24 mars

Hello Rosa,

This is amazing and thank you! I am interested and would love more information about what this opportunity entails. I meet the requirements you mentioned and am eager to grow in this field while I serve those that need my skill set.i look forward in hearing from you. Thank you again, I wish you an amazing day.

Very Respectfully,

Mariza Rios


24 mars

That sounds awesome! I'll consider that in about 2 years once I finish my interpreter program and have one year of experience.


23 mars

Hello Rosa, Thank you for all the content you create to help interpreters. I am highly interested in training. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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