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Medical Interpreting Practice Test

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If you made it here you are probably looking for some guidance because you either are about to take a medical interpreter certification exam or are looking to further your career as a medical interpreter. Well, I got you!

This career path is very rewarding in many ways. For me, personally, it afforded me the opportunity to work on my own terms, allowing me to find the ideal balance between my professional and my personal life.

However, like anything worthy in life, it doesn't come without sacrifices, and in my experience, one of the things we have to do quite frequently in this career field is to take tests to prove our skills.

We have to take tests to obtain our medical interpreter certification. Sometimes, we also have to take tests to be considered for certain jobs or contracts. And the list goes on.

As I was preparing to take my certification tests, I found that although there are many courses and resources available, there aren't enough mock tests or sample tests available for us to gauge if we are ready to pass those exams or even to use as practice. The resources available were scarce and expensive.

So, now that I've conquered these coveted credentials, I want to work on creating updated, relevant, and affordable material for other interpreters, so you can study and practice to reach your goals.

One of my first creations is this Medical Interpreting Practice Test, designed by combining the parameters of the exams offered by the CCHI and NBCMI, so you can assess your knowledge and identify your weak areas.

This realistic exam simulates the level of difficulty, components, and length of the actual certification tests, helping you develop your test-taking skills. The mock exam is also a great tool to help you prepare for most onboarding tests required by language services providers to hire interpreters.

This medical interpreting practice exam features four components (consecutive interpretation, simultaneous interpretation, sight translation, and translation), and of course, you'll get access to the transcripts for all oral components, including scoring units so that you can review your performance both subjectively and objectively.

CLICK HERE to access this practice test. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns.

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